Friday, September 27, 2019

Discourse and Truth: the Problematization of Parrhesia

"Ideal charismatic action emerges out of a profound intimacy
with God that allows the charismatic to couple critical speech with a potent affirmation of God's faithfulness and loyalty. Intimacy serves as the foundation of effective
rabbinic parrhesia , the quality of presence that allows the charismatic to articulate critical discourse before God while still retaining God's favor . These dynamics take center stage in Bavli Ta ʿ anit's tale of Naqdimon ben Gurion, which appears in bTaʿanit 19b–20".  (P
age 152, Julia Watts Belser, "Power, Ethics, and Ecology in Jewish Late Antiquity: Rabbinic Responses to Drought and Disaster"  Cambridge University Press)

Discourse and Truth: the Problematization of Parrhesia: 6 lectures given by Michel Foucault at the University of California at Berkeley, Oct-Nov. 1983


To read “The City Square in the Performance of Taanit: From Rabbinic Space to Contemporary Jerusalem,” by Yair Lipshitz, CLICK HERE

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